Yes, You Deserve It.

New York Style Cheesecake 5.99

Served with Choice of Caramel, Chocolate, or Strawberry Drizzle

Strawberry Swirl Cake  5.99

Zeppoles 4.00

Funnel Cake Fries 6.99

White Chocolate Drizzle, Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar

Deep-Fried Pizza Dough, Cinnamon, White Chocolate Drizzle

Cannoli 2.99

Cannoli Coated in Pistachios and Chocolate Chunks, Chocolate Drizzle

4-Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake 5.99

Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing, Topped with Chocolate Chips

Pizooki 6.99 

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Ice Cream, Chocolate Drizzle, Powdered Sugar (Well Worth the Wait!)